Carl R. Cuthbert Community Band Foundation

 Our New Home

8-12 Main, St Dexter, ME  04930

Performing Arts Center 

Harold J. Crosby 

Community Band


All are welcome, regardless of age, playing ability, or instrument type.

Free instrumental loan and instruction are available.



 Thursday evening

6:00-7:30 PM 

Dexter, ME 

Guests are welcome. 

Have fun while playing music!

Harold J Crosby

Community Maine 

Main Street

Dexter, ME


The Harold J. Crosby Community Band is sponsored by the Carl R. Cuthbert Community Band Foundation, a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting music education, training, [and] performance opportunities for any age at any stage of musical experience and competence.

The Band is also a member of the

New Horizons International Music Association

and the

Association of Concert Bands.


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Harold J. Crosby Community Band

92 Railroad Avenue

Dexter, ME  04930