Carl R. Cuthbert Community Band Foundation


Purpose:..."shall promote music education, training, with performance opportunities for any ages at any stage of musical experience and competence; in and around Dexter, Maine, provide and preserve music archives and shall function as a charitable nonprofit organization as defined in section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service within the scope of this purpose as the Incorporators, via board of directors, shall deem best particularly for the purpose stated here in."


Carl R. Cuthbert

Sep 19, 1910 - Jul 9, 2011

Born in Dexter, ME, Carl was an accomplished pianist, musician, and music collector. His musical biography includes the Fay Scott Band, Anah Shrine Band, Brewer Community Band, and his own Swing and  Dixie bands, as well as playing internationally. Because of his dedication to playing in and promoting community bands in Maine, the Carl R. Cuthbert Foundation was formed. As a collector of music, he promoted the research and development of 19th and 20th Century marches, particularly the marches of Harold Josiah Crosby, another Dexter native, for whom the Band  is named. Carl R. Cuthbert was given a Dexter Community Band Honorarium at age 100 and will always be a member of the H J Crosby Community Band of Dexter.

Need financial assistance for a music related activity?

The Carl R. Cuthbert Community Band Foundation is accepting requests for financial assistance for any music-related activity. The application is available here or by calling 207-924-6235.  The form asks for the name of the course or activity, the reason for or objective of the request, and the specific costs with supporting documents.  Any payments granted by the review board will be made directly to the named institution or facility. A report - performed, oral, or written - must be presented to the Foundation upon completion of the course. Failure to complete the objective  will require a full refund of the amount granted.