John Knox

The Harold J Crosby Community is pleased to announce John R Knox as the guest conductor for the September 16-19 , for Band Camp 2023 Mr. Knox the conductor of the Westbrook City band, the Kora Temple Shrine Band, and the Oktoberfest German Band in Portland.

John began his “musical career” in fourth grade in the Saco public schools, and continued playing trumpet through high school at Thornton Academy and the University of Southern Maine in Gorham. While in high school he attended the Summer Youth Music School (SYMS) at the University of New Hampshire, and in the Maine All-State band.

After temporarily leaving his active playing post college, marriage and a family. After joining Kora Shrine Temple he returned to regular playing with the Kora Shrine Band in the early 1980’s. John return to more active trumpet playing laying in several other community bands in the Southern Maine area including the Chandler’s of Portland, the Portland Commandery Band, the S.D. Warren (Westbrook) Band, and more recently, the Cumberland Community Band. He enjoys performing in other smaller brass ensembles – quintets and especially the Oktoberfest German Band.

With his expertise playing several instruments , when the longtime conductor of the Kora and Westbrook City Bands – Jerry Brooks – laid down his baton, he “inherited” the position of music director/conductor and has been doing so for the past 5 years. Soon after, he also assumed the leadership of the Oktoberfest Band .