Summer 2024 Music

Tentative Program for Practice Only - Program Selection to Follow

Band Members: Click to listen to examples of performances


ABBA On Broadway (Click to Listen!) - Arr. Michael Brown

Always Ready Always There (Click to Listen!)  - David Meyers

American Honor March - H.J. Crosby

Citizen's Pride - H.J. Crosby

Dress Parade - H.J. Crosby

Elephant and the Fly (Click to Listen!) - Henri Kling

Extraordinary Machines (Click to Listen!)  - Scott Watson

Gathering in the Glen (Click to Listen!)   - Michael Sweeney

Hey Jude (Click to Listen!) - Robert Longfield

Jimmy Buffet - The Hits (Click to Listen!)  - Arr. Patrick Roszell

Locomotion (Click to Listen!)  - John Higgins

Patriotic Book Selections:

America, The Beautiful (Click to Listen!) - Michael Sweeney

Armed Forces Songs

Battle Hymn of the Republic (Click to Listen!)  - Michael Sweeney

God Bless America (Click to Listen)  - Michael Sweeney

Hymn to the Fallen (Click to Listen!)  - Michael Sweeney

My Country, 'Tis of Thee (Click to Listen)  - Michael Sweeney

The Patriot (Click to Listen!)  - Michael Sweeney

Stars and Stripes Forever  - Michael Sweeney

Star Spangled Banner

State of Maine Song

This is My Country (Click to Listen!)  - Michael Sweeney

Yankee Doodle/Yankee Doodle Boy (Click to Listen!)  - Michael Sweeney

Quigley Down Under (Click to Listen!) 

Sailing  - Gavin Sutherland, Arr. M. Armstrong

Scarborough Fair (Click to Listen!)  - Arr. John Moss

Semper Supra  - Teacherenor - Nelson Arr. Loren Coe

Yesterday (Click to Listen!) - Arr. John Moss